Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

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MPS Robotic Autosampler

GERSTEL Exclusive Features:

  • MAESTRO software – Most advanced, yet intuitive software available
  • No need for custom method programming
  • Compatible with both Agilent MassHunter and ChemStation
  • Sample preparation for all platforms
  • Custom trays
  • Peltier cooled tray
  • Automated liner exchange
  • Automated thermal extraction
  • Automated Twister
  • GERSTEL Universal Syringe Module (USM)
  • Heated liquid syringe
  • 180 mL solvent reservoir
  • Upgrade to tool exchange possible
  • Syringes with exchangeable needles
Download the MPS Robotic Datasheet

The MPS RoboticPRO is the newest member of the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) family. It is a highly efficient GC/MS and LC/MS autosampler that represents the latest in autosampler technology. Innovative design allows it to perform routines tasks reliably and accurately with unmatched throughput.  When needed, advanced tasks can be easily added using the new tool exchange feature. Tools can be exchanged automatically; no analyst intervention is required to switch between liquid, headspace, and SPME Injections, therefore saving you time and money.

The MPS RoboticPRO is controlled by GERSTEL MAESTRO software – the most advanced, yet easiest-to-use software for autosampler control available. The “PrepAhead” feature nearly doubles productivity by overlapping and coordinating all tasks with the chromatographic run. Unlike other PAL autosamplers that require custom software modification, MAESTRO’s unique, built-in sample preparation capability allows both routine sample preparation tasks (calibration curve preparation, standard addition, etc.) as well as more labor intensive techniques that require additional modules (filtration, weighing, mixing, etc.) to be automated by simply selecting a task from a drop down menu.

The addition of the MPS RoboticPRO to the GERSTEL sample preparation and automation toolbox allows us to future proof your investment with the right solution as your analytical needs change.

  • Quickly modify your method, on-the-fly, using MAESTRO software. No need to wait days, weeks, or even months for expensive vendor modified programming.
  • Priority samples can be added at any time without stopping the ongoing analysis sequence.
  • Fast and error-free set-up of the daily analysis sequence is performed using the intelligent sequence editor functions.
  • Add custom trays and features to grow with your needs.
  • You can upgrade any PAL 3 or replace any older autosampler, PAL based or not.
  • Even greater reliability and reduced maintenance… no more bungee cords!

High throughput efficiency, accuracy, and automation of complex tasks: we can design a solution that perfectly fits your requirements today and for tomorrow. See for yourself, watch one of the videos below to see exactly how the new MPS Robotic works, and request more information from a GERSTEL representative.

GERSTEL MPS RoboticPRO with SPME Option
This option allows the automation of solid phase microextraction (SPME) with robotic tool exchange.
GERSTEL MPS RoboticPRO with Headspace Option
This option performs syringe-based static headspace.
GERSTEL MPS RoboticPRO Metabolomics Solution
Shows how typical sample preparation steps for metabolomics studies can be automated.


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