Founded in 1998, LCTech produces innovative, automated sample preparation solutions for food, feed, water and pharmaceutical, analysis. With expertise in automating all aspects of SPE and GPC techniques, LCTech is well positioned to provide a complete analysis package for even your most difficult matrices. LCTech provides and supports its products worldwide with GERSTEL, Inc. being its exclusive distributor in the United States.


LCTech Freestyle™

Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)


12663-V2_DSC8970_300dpi Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – LCTech FREESTYLEFor analysts that need to automate their manual SPE methods without making compromises and require method flexibility, accurate results and no down time, the FREESTYLE is the most reliable and flexible automation platform available. Unlike other platforms that restrict column type, sample volume and have limited sample throughput, the FREESTYLE platform provides almost unlimited SPE automation capability. FREESTYLE’s modular approach to upgrading allows you to “Future Proof” your investment while receiving lifetime support.brochure-freestyle-download Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – LCTech FREESTYLE

LCTech Freestyle™ Xana

Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis


DSC_1607-Pano-transparent Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – LCTech FREESTYLE

PFAS For analysts that need to automate the SPE method for the determination of PFAS compounds in drinking water following the updated EPA method 537.1, the FREESTYLE XANA is the only system available that offers complete automation of the entire SPE. Unlike other platforms that require manual intervention steps and struggle with high blank values, low recoveries and limited sample throughput, the FREESTYLE XANA platform provides reliable 24/7 operation and meets all performance standards of the method.

xana-brochure-download-01 Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – LCTech FREESTYLE