Environmental Impact

GERSTEL has developed and produced chromatography sample preparation technologies that eliminate or significantly reduce the use of organic solvents. Examples are stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE, GERSTEL Twister), dynamic headspace, thermal desorption, automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) and autosamplers that enable μ-scale liquid sample preparation. Such technologies benefit the external environment and also the laboratory environment, leading to improvements in occupational hygiene and in the quality of results.

Steady growth forced GERSTEL to expand its production to a separate location in 1999 and parts of R&D to a third location in 2004. In 2007, the opportunity arose to significantly reduce the environmental impact of GERSTEL’s daily operations by consolidating all company sites in new headquarters that include several energy saving technologies. The building was chosen as the “Energy saving building of the month” in May 2008 by the North-Rhine-Westphalia Energy Agency.

Prior to the construction phase, energy savings were modeled using computer simulation and the findings implemented for insulation, cooling, heating, lighting, shade effects, use of geothermal heat pumps (for both heating and cooling) and for heat exchangers in the ventilation systems. The total reductions in COemissions amount to 41,400 kg per year.

By consolidating three sites, the need for operations-related driving was reduced by 30,000 kilometers per year and the new GERSTEL headquarters are better placed for commuting by public transportation, further helping to reduce the use of private cars.

GERSTEL has a long-standing recycling program for paper, cardboard, polymer based packaging, production scrap metal, electronic waste, cans and bottles. Hazardous waste, such as residual solvents or waste electronic products, is disposed of in strict compliance with rules set up by the state of North Rhine Westphalia or by the German federal government. Our new company headquarters have put GERSTEL on track for future growth with limited environmental impact.

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