Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

  • MPS Upgrade / Trade-in Promotion

    System Upgrade Special

    Up to $5,000 in Savings

    Trade-in your old sampler and save up to $5,000 on an MPS RoboticPro

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  • Unsurpassed Versatility

    Advanced GC/MS Platform

    The GERSTEL MultiPurpose autosampler provides the analyst with the most advanced tools available for almost any application.

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  • Thermal Desorption

    Thermal Desorption

    GERSTEL is the World Leader in Thermal Desorption Techniques

    Find out why GERSTEL systems are used in almost every industry throughout the world.

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  • LC/MS Solutions

    LC/MS Solutions

    Improve Your LC/MS Throughput

    GERSTEL provides many options for improving your sample throughput for LC/MS through both sample preparation and sample clean up.

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  • Auromated Liner Exchange

    No More Dirt

    Automated Liner Exchange

    Now the MPS autosampler can change liners for you any time you want. Completely eliminate "dirty matrix" effects with this simple, robust solution.

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  • Filtration

    Automated Filtration

    Automate your GC or LC Filtration Step

    The ability to automate the common process of filtration has become a necessity as laboratories rely more and more on automation to meet their sample throughput needs. The GERSTEL filtration option allows filtration using almost any commercially available syringe and disk filters...

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MPS Trade-In / Upgrade Promotion

Until the end of 2018, GERSTEL- the world leader in lab automation, is offering two exclusive promotions towards the purchase of the versatile MPS robotic. This offer enables current GERSTEL MPS users, PAL/PAL3 or any other autosampler users a path to greater productivity and flexibility for multiple analysis techniques when using the GERSTEL MPS robotic.

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GERSTEL Solutions Magazine

This regularly published magazine is geared to an international audience and provides information on our latest products and analytical solutions as well as insights on how our customers have used GERSTEL solutions to solve their most challenging problems.

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TDU 1 to TDU 2 Upgrade Promotion

Get 50% off when you upgrade your TDU 1 to a TDU 2 and enjoy the benefits of more reliable operation and ease of use.

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