When analyzing samples that contain moisture,  the GERSTEL Dynamic Headspace System (DHS) can be an invaluable tool when used in combination with the GERSTEL TDU 2 or TD 3.5+ thermal desorption systems. However, the presence of moisture in a sample can cause freezing which can lead to inaccurate results, as it may cause head pressure fluctuations or inlet pressure shutdowns in the thermal desorption system. To address this challenge, the GERSTEL DHS system features a unique Dry Purge cycle within the Maestro software. This cycle is specifically designed to remove water from the sample before analysis, thereby ensuring accurate results. If you are interested in learning more about how to use this method for your samples, you can download our DHS Familiarization guide from our Online Store.


Additionally, our support team at support@gerstelus.com is available to provide advice and guidance.


Dry-Purge-page Analyzing Samples that Contain Moisture