Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) LCTech FREESTYLE

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) – LCTech FREESTYLE


Since its establishment in 1998, LCTech has been a pioneer in producing innovative, automated sample preparation solutions for food, feed, water, and pharmaceutical analysis. With a strong focus on automating all aspects of SPE and GPC techniques, LCTech is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive analysis package for even the most challenging matrices. LCTech’s products are available and supported globally, with GERSTEL, Inc. serving as its exclusive distributor in the United States.


Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

For analytical professionals seeking to automate their manual SPE methods without compromising on method flexibility, accuracy, and downtime, the FREESTYLE stands out as the most reliable and flexible automation platform in the market. Unlike other platforms that impose restrictions on column type, sample volume, and sample throughput, the FREESTYLE platform offers almost unlimited SPE automation capability. Its modular upgrade approach ensures your investment is ‘Future Proof’ while enjoying Hassle Free Lifetime Support® services.


Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis

For analysts who need to automate SPE methods for determining PFAS compounds in drinking water following EPA methods 537.1, 533, and 1633, the FREESTYLE XANA is the only system available that offers complete automation of the entire SPE method. Unlike other platforms that require manual intervention steps and struggle with high blank values, low recoveries, and limited sample throughput, the FREESTYLE XANA platform provides reliable 24/7 operation and meets all method performance standards.