Cooled Injection System (CIS)

Cooled Injection System (CIS)

The GERSTEL Cooled Injection System is the most widely used PTV-type gas chromatographic inlet in the world. It is a true universal inlet, allowing you to perform up to 10 sample introduction techniques for gas chromatography with unsurpassed precision, accuracy, and robustness while eliminating analyte degradation, sample discrimination, and septum bleed associated with hot split/splitless inlets.

The CIS ensures sample integrity while providing the lowest possible detection limits. It is the best choice for all your GC sample introduction applications, especially when combined with high-resolution mass spectrometry, where sample introduction can be the weak link to getting the answers you need to solve your critical challenges.

Please download the User’s Guide, “Inlets for Capillary Gas Chromatography,” below for more information.

When used as a PTV inlet, the following injection modes are available:

  1. Cold split liquid injection
  2. Cold splitless liquid injection
  3. Cold splitless liquid injection with solvent vent
  4. Large-volume liquid injection
  5. Cool on-column liquid injection
  6. Headspace injection
  7. Multiple headspace extraction
  8. Gas sampling
  9. SPME
  10. Pyrolysis


The GERSTEL CIS is not just a Cooled Injection System, it’s an advanced cold trap. With the addition of Thermal Desorption and Dynamic Headspace options, it opens up a world of possibilities. It’s not just about doubling the number of sample introduction techniques, it’s about expanding your analytical horizons on the GC-MS platform.

  • Thermal Desorption with TDU
  • Headspace HIT
  • Twister
  • Direct Thermal Extraction
  • Packed tubes
  • Micro-vial (ATEX)
  • Dynamic Headspace
  • Full Evaporative DHS
  • Dynamic Headspace – Large Vessel