GERSTEL PFC automatically collects compounds after gas chromatographic separation. The PFC is equipped with six sample traps and one waste trap. Traps are available in 1 µL or 100 µL volumes. For optimum compound recovery, the PFC can be equipped with optional LN2 or cryostatic trap cooling systems. The GERSTEL PFC allows for the collection of individual compounds, a series of compounds, or specific classes of compounds. Thanks to microprocessor control through GERSTEL MAESTRO software, trap switching times can be selected to within 0.01 minutes. This permits reliable collection of individual compounds that are closely resolved. The system is designed so that there are no valves or cold spots in the sample flow path to ensure maximum transfer efficiency. The reliability and reproducibility of the system allows compounds to be trapped over the course of hundreds of injections. This makes it possible to further analyze the fractions by techniques requiring larger sample mass such as NMR or IR.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Completely automated
  • Software controlled
  • Six cooled collection traps
  • Separate waste trap (also can be cooled)
  • No valves in sample path