The TDS G is a modified TDS that allows for the continuous monitoring of substances in air and gas streams through enrichment on an adsorbent followed by thermal desorption. The system is also ideal for large volume headspace and purge and trap. Conventional thermal desorption systems usually consist of a desorption unit, a cooled trap and a GC inlet. The TDS G is a high-performance thermal desorption system that uses the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS/PTV) to function as both a cryogenic trap and a GC inlet. Analytes are focused in the inlet liner, not the column, before being transferred onto the analytical column as a narrow band. The use of the inlet liner as a trap allows much greater flexibility when trapping analytes and protects the column from water and contamination. This method of trapping also allows for true splitless sample introduction allowing the TDS G to provide the lowest detection limits available.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Electronic pressure control for ease of use and reproducibility
  • Flow path is reversed between sample adsorption and desorption
  • The adsorption flow and total sample volume are programmable
  • Can be used for offline sampling or in manual mode
  • Provides significant time savings, since the next sample can be collected during an analysis
  • Direct thermal desorption dynamic headspace
  • Multiple temperature ramps
  • True splitless operation
  • Complete software integration
  • Small footprint