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LabWorks True Podcast
Episode 002 – Fungus can make organic side-streams smell like wild strawberries

A talk with Dr. Marco Fraatz about the production and analytics of aroma compounds and their challenges. 

The research of the Institute of Food Chemistry and Food Biotechnology spans a bridge between food chemical phenomena and industrial applications. The focus of the scientific work lies on enzymes of basidiomycetes, the most developed fungi. Due to their special catalytic properties and the high process stability these enzymes are suitable for various applications in the food biotechnology as well as for the enzymatic digestion of renewable raw materials. Another research focus are analytics and biotechnological extraction of natural aroma compounds. 



Justus Liebig University Giessen 

Institute of Food Chemistry and Food Biotechnology 


Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17-19 

35392 Giessen 

phone: +49 641 99-34902 




Wild Strawberry-like Flavor Produced by the Fungus Wolfiporia cocos Identification of Character Impact Compounds by Aroma Dilution Analysis after Dynamic Headspace Extraction: 

Svenja Sommer 



Podcast Episode (German Language) 

Janine Hoffmann 


Duftender Advent – “Adventsgeruch” aus chemischer Sicht und deren Analytik mittels GC-O 

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