TimeLine-300x300 Keeping Pace With Dynamic Technology

As part of GERSTEL’s commitment to lifetime support, we strive to support customers who have aging systems.

The discontinuation of a product line results in the end of production of main system components as well as spare parts, options and accessories. Once production has ceased, these items are available only for a limited time. You can find the details regarding discontinuation of GERSTEL systems below.

Product Discontinuation Notification GERSTEL TDU 1

Product Discontinuation Notification GERSTEL MPS-xt

Product Discontinuation Notification GERSTEL MPS 2

As a result, GERSTEL cannot guarantee that it can resolve all service issues that may arise with the above-mentioned systems. To receive complete support and minimize downtime, GERSTEL strongly recommends transferring your sample preparation and introduction techniques to our new line of GERSTEL MPS Autosamplers and system components.

Contact your GERSTEL sales representative regarding our trade-in programs for discontinued systems that you can benefit from updated features, functionality, reliability and peace of mind. Learn more about our trade-in programs here