Day 1: MPS Autosampler Course

This course covers MPS liquid, headspace, SPME injection, common accessories and MAESTRO software control of special functions. Includes hands-on maintenance and troubleshooting for the MPS and CIS inlet. We have both the “classic” MPS-xt and the latest MPS Robotic autosamplers available for the hands-on part of the course. PLEASE indicate which version you have when registering.


Day 2: Thermal Desorption (TD/TDS) Course
Covers strategies for direct thermal extraction of solids, air sampling, and Twister Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction and includes a workshop format for thermal desorption software control for GERSTEL thermal desorbers (both TDU and TDS). Includes maintenance and troubleshooting workshop for the TDU and CIS inlet.

Day 3: Dynamic Headspace/ODP

This course covers the DHS accessory for the MPS autosampler,

  • Includes hands-on maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Common applications 
  • MAESTRO software operation of special functions