Application Notes

Application Notes

AppNote 254: VDA 278 Method Transition from TDS 3 to TD 3.5+


Material emissions in automobiles are an important subject for the whole automotive sector. The VDA 278 method is widely used for analysis of emissions from interior materials. The original GERSTEL TDS was built specifically for this method. Currently the GERSTEL TDS 3 is also widely used and for many users the question arises if the GERSTEL TD 3.5+ is equally suitable. This AppNote addresses the transfer of method VDA 278 from TDS to TD 3.5+.

To verify the suitability of the TD 3.5+, the system performance test described in method VDA 278 was performed, including analysis of a control mixture, used to verify selectivity, recovery, and precision. A further criterion tested in this work is the limit of quantitation (LOQ), which was determined in accordance with DIN 32645 for the VOC and FOG runs. The final compatibility test performed was the analysis of material samples with TD 3.5+.


Thermal extraction, TD 3.5+, TDS 3, material emissions, automobile interior material