Benefits of Using Programmed Temperature Vaporizers (PTVs) instead of Hot Split/Splitless Inlets for Measurements of Volatiles by Liquid, Headspace, and Solid Phase MicroExtraction (SPME) Techniques


App Note 7/2001

The benefits of using a Programmed Temperature Vaporizer (PTV) type inlets instead of hot split/splitless (S/SL) inlets for the liquid and headspace (HS) measurements of volatile compounds are shown. The use of a PTV (GERSTEL CIS 4) for Solid Phase MicroExtraction (SPME) measurements has an advantage due to the use of a septumless head (SLH) instead of a septum for sealing the inlet. The significant accumulation of septum material inside the liner by SPME injections is demonstrated. This will lead to higher chromatographic background, restrictions in the flow through the inlet and in worst case to the loss of the fiber. This problem does not appear when using septumless sample introduction systems.