Service Tips

Service Tips

Configuring New SPME fibers on the MPS

SPME Fiber Replacement

When replacing the SPME fiber, there are three parameters that should be checked to ensure the correct positioning of the SPME fiber. Incorrect alignment can result in loss of sensitivity and even bending of fibers.



Parameter 1: Check to ensure the correct fiber length is selected – SPME-01 is for 1 cm fibers, and SPME-02 is for 2 cm fibers.

Parameter 2: The Fiber Alignment position will need to be adjusted for each fiber. This is the position of the fiber in the protective needle. The tip of the fiber should be flush with the end of the protective needle.

Parameter 3: For the Standby Position Offset, the fiber is positioned a little higher in the protected needle compared to the fiber alignment position. The Standby Position Offset position protects the fiber from being damaged when the septum is pierced. The value for this position is relative to the Fiber Alignment position.



For further instructions on training these positions and recommended parameters, download the SPME Fiber Alignment Guide from the Customer Training section of our Online Store.



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