The New GERSTEL MultiPurpose (MPS) Robotic PRO Autosampler

Provides unsurpassed analytical capability, efficiency, and simplicity.

Baltimore, MD, October 7, 2015 GERSTEL, a worldwide leader in solutions for chemical analysis, is pleased to announce the release of the new MPS RoboticPRO – the most efficient, versatile, and user-friendly CTC PAL3 based autosampler available anywhere.

With its innovative design and built-in MAESTRO software, the GERSTEL MPS RoboticPRO performs gas and liquid chromatography tasks reliably and accurately with unmatched throughput, and solves a key challenge for analytical labs.

Other CTC PAL3 autosamplers require custom software to be written whenever a standard analytical method needs modification – a process that can take weeks or months and can often be expensive. MAESTRO’s unique “PrepBuilder” feature automates both routine and advanced sample preparation tasks with just the click of a mouse, nearly doubling lab productivity, without the need for custom modifications.

“The addition of the MPS RoboticPRO to the GERSTEL sample preparation and automation toolbox allows us to ‘future proof’ laboratories’ investments with the right solution as their analytical needs change,” explained Robert J. Collins, Ph.D., President of GERSTEL USA. “This latest member of the GERSTEL solutions family delivers high-throughput efficiency, accuracy, and automation to match the task at hand. From standard liquid injection to more complex sample preparation techniques, such as sample derivatization, the MPS RoboticPRO provides the right amount of automation on demand.”

For example, the MPS RoboticPRO automates all steps required for SPME analysis, an extremely popular technique used to determine compounds in a wide variety of samples. SPME automation includes vital new tool-exchange and liner-exchange features. Tools can be exchanged automatically with no analyst intervention required to switch between liquid, headspace, and SPME injections. And because MAESTRO’S PrepAhead feature enables the sample preparation steps to be calculated in advance, multiple samples can be prepared simultaneously. SPME analysis can be completed in half the time on the MPS RoboticPRO compared with other CTC PAL3 autosamplers.

To learn more about the MPS RoboticPRO and to see videos of it in action, check out the product specifications page online, or contact us to request more information from a GERSTEL representative.



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