Automated Liner Exchange: Benefits in Gas Chromatography

Do you perform analyses in the area of Metabolomics or are you using the QuECHERS technique for sample preparation and have noticed that analyte response goes down after only a few injections? This is due to the buildup of matrix residue in the inlet liner and can only be solved by replacing the liner. However, changing the liner frequently is a tedious and time-consuming task that greatly reduces sample throughput.

The problem can be solved using the GERSTEL Automated Liner Exchange (ALEX), which automatically restores GC/MS performance for samples with high matrix load. The best part… there is NO manual intervention and no disruption of your workflow.

In this application note, discover how ALEX restores the original performance of the GC/MS system in the case of a vegetable extract spiked with 60 pesticides.

See the ALEX technique in action in conjunction with the new GERSTEL MPS roboticPRO, a highly efficient autosampler for fast, reliable, and accurate processing of large numbers of samples. Controlled by GERSTEL Maestro software, the MPS roboticPRO provides the most flexible means to perform sample preparation steps without complex computer language programming.