Application Notes

Application Notes

TechNote ITN-303: Automated Standards Preparation and SPME Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Beer


Preparation of standards for quantification in gas chromatography is part of daily activities in the analytical laboratory. Accurate and precise transfer of liquids is critical to meaningful analytical results. Operator technique and human error can negatively impact results. Fortunately, modern analytical platforms are capable of performing many analytical tasks. The use of robotics can reduce human error and increase the accuracy and precision of analytical results. In this study, we describe the use of the GERSTEL MPS Roboticpro, an automated platform capable of sample preparation and introduction. With GERSTEL Maestro software control, the MPS Roboticpro can be used to accurately prepare standards, spike internal standards, add reagents (acids, bases, or derivatization), mix, heat, extract, and/or perform several types of sample introduction through simple editing with no need for programming. The MPS Roboticpro features automated tool exchange so that different volume syringes or different sample introduction techniques can be used in the same sequence.


Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, SPME, MPS RoboticPRO, Alcohol, Beer