Application Notes

Application Notes

AppNote 224: Automated Calibration Standard Preparation using the MAESTRO Software Calibration Standard Wizard


Preparation of calibration standards and quality control samples are critical tasks in chemical analysis. The accurate and precise transfer of liquid standards and solutions is critical for ensuring the validity of analytical results. Automating the accurate transfer of liquid standards and solutions helps to improve the quality of the analytical procedure while freeing the analyst from performing tedious and repetitive manual tasks.

GERSTEL MAESTRO software provides unsurpassed flexibility for sample preparation, method development and analytical efficiency. The software operates all GERSTEL modules and system solutions used with the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) in a simple and efficient manner. MAESTRO can be operated as stand-alone software or integrated into a variety of laboratory chromatography data systems. The method used to prepare calibration standards can be quickly setup using the Calibration Standard Wizard available in the MAESTRO software.


Sample Preparation, High Throughput Lab Automation, LC-MS/MS, Method Calibration