disposable-pipette-extraction-dpx-225x300 Disposable Pipette Extraction - DPXDisposable Pipette Extraction (DPX) is a novel dispersive solid-phase extraction technique that enables rapid extraction of analytes from liquid solutions, combining minimal use of solvent with high recovery. DPX is based on loosely contained sorbent placed inside a pipette tip. Sample is drawn into the pipette tip where it gains direct contact to the solid phase. The phases are very efficiently mixed by allowing air to be drawn through the tip. The resulting turbulent mixing is extremely efficient, enabling fast extractions for improved productivity and throughput.

DPX is readily automated, the extraction recovery depends on the equilibration time, which is extremely easy to control accurately. The DPX technique does not require conditioning steps, reducing both the workload associated with sample extraction and the amount of solvent waste generated. Since only a minimal amount of solvent is required for elution, the total amount of solvent needed is further reduced compared with traditional techniques. The small amount of solvent needed for elution can further reduce the need for evaporative concentration steps. DPX can be applied to a wide range of applications by utilizing various commercially available sorbent materials.

Visit the DPX section of our application note site to see the vast array of uses for the DPX technique.

Main Features and Advantages

  • No conditioning steps are necessary
  • Minimal elution solvent volumes
  • Rapid extraction times (less than 3 minutes/sample)
  • High extraction efficiencies
  • Lower costs
  • Higher throughput
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal training required