cryogenic-trapping-system-300x300 Cryogenic Trapping SystemThe GERSTEL CTS is used for cryogenic trapping of analytes either before a single GC column or between the pre-column and the analytical column in a single GC oven multidimensional system. When trapping has been completed, analytes are released from the trap using a highly accurate temperature program ensuring that the analytes are introduced in a very sharp band at the head of the column. This provides better detection limits and better resolution. For even lower detection limits, analytes can be concentrated from multiple injections onto the head of the pre-column before introduction onto the main analytical column.

The CTS can also be used in single column GC systems where focusing volatile compounds at the head of the column is necessary to achieve the desired resolution and detection limits.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Efficient focusing of volatile compounds
  • Improved resolution and detection limits
  • Complete software control
  • Software integration into Agilent ChemStation or MassHunter software
  • Does not require use of GC heated zone 
  • Smart liquid nitrogen control, turns off when analysis is complete or interrupted