A Breathe of Fresh Air

Food, Flavor and Fragrance Analysis

  • Wine flavor analysis: Holding on to fleeting encounters
    Solvent-free extraction combined with on-demand multi-dimensional GC/MS and analyte concentration lets you find even the smallest flavor compound peaks in complex matrices
  • Twister extraction: All good things come in threes
    The usefulness of Twister sorption phases for generating flavor profiles of beverages was tested. And the winner is…
  • Fragrance analysis: Fabric softeners caught in a whirl… 
    One company‘s successful search for an alternative to solvent-based extraction of fragrances in household products and detergents

Environmental Analysis

  • Easy catch: Pesticides in water
    Automated SPE combined with evaporative analyte concentration and LC-MS/MS makes it easy to reach required LODs for pesticides in water
  • Natural mysteries: Ghostbusters in the desert
    South African scientists dig deeper in their search for the causes of the Namib “fairy circles”

Indoor Air Quality

  • A breath of fresh air? When home and office make you suffer…
    Fast and easy determination of VOC- and SVOC emissions from building products used indoors makes producers and occupants breathe a sigh of relief

Drug Screening

  • No pain!
    Pain management drugs: Single step automated liquid extraction and dispersive SPE clean-up enables efficient automated LC-MS/MS determination


  • Sustainable fuel
    Automated sample preparation and determination of glycerin in biodiesel