The Use of a MultiPurpose Sampler for Headspace GC-MS Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Human Urine


A MultiPurpose sampler (GERSTEL MPS), designed for liquid large volume, gaseous and headspace samples was tested for its suitability in the GC/MS analysis of organic volatiles in human urine. Headspace sampling with a volume, temperature and speed controlled gas tight syringe was combined with a temperature controlled cold injection system for cold trapping, enrichment and focusing of analyte. Regular 2 mL GC vials filled with 1 mL urine were used as headspace sampling vials. A 100 vial autosampler tray was equipped with an additional temperature and heating time controlled pre-heating module for 5 vials. Preliminary experiments were done with urine samples from our clinical laboratory with a ketone or glucose positive test result. In addition urine samples from healthy volunteers were taken and analysis were done with and without acidifying the urine. The promising results in regard to sensitivity and practicality in a day to day routine together with the cost cutting philosophy of a MultiPurpose sampler makes this highly automated system very attractive for clinical routine use.