Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples


App Note 2/2005

Coupling columns having different polarities can significantly enhance the resolution of complex samples. This approach is commonly known as multidimensional gas chromatography. In this study, we coupled two low thermal mass (LTM) GC column modules with dissimilar column phases using a valveless, software-controlled column switching device for heartcutting GC-GC.The LTM has a resistive heating system rather than a convection oven which allows for rapid heating and cooling rates. In addition, the column modules can be independently programmed for optimal separation and minimum analysis time. This system was used to identify trace components responsible for off-odors in headspace samples from polymers by coupling an olfactometry detector to the powerful heartcutting technique. Two main advantages of the instrumental configuration used were the simple, robust design and short analysis times.