Identification of Furan Fatty Acids as Minor Components of Human Lipids by Multidimensional GC/MSD


The fatty acid composition of plasma, red blood cells and platelets were investigated. Human milk was analyzed and the fatty acid composition compared to cow’s milk. After lipid extraction and transesterification the methyl esters were analyzed without any further pre-analytical separation steps involved. Using a multidimensional GC/MSD System with cooled injection (CIS/PTV) and flow controlled column switching with cold trapping in between, the methyl esters of furan fatty acids were directly identified by means of their mass spectra. From the ten samples of human milk analyzed only one contained the furan fatty acid 12,15- epoxy-13,14-dimethyleicosa-12,14-dienoic acid (F-acid 10, Figure 1), which was also present in the cow’s milk sample. Furan fatty acids were found in all blood samples in differing relative amounts. F-acids 5,8 and 10 were detected in red blood cells, F-acids 8 and 10 in plasma and in platelets only F-acid 10 was found so far.