Efficient Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples Using Low Thermal Mass Column Modules


App Note 5/2004

Analysts often encounter complex real-world sample types such as petroleum fractions or volatile polymer components. Resolving all individual compounds using a single chromatographic separation can be quite challenging. Coupling columns with different polarities (multidimensional GC) can significantly improve the resolution of complex samples. We coupled two low thermal mass (LTM) GC column modules with dissimilar column phases using a valveless, software controlled column switching device to perform heartcutting 2D GC on polymer headspace samples. Headspace sampling with Twister stir bars was used to introduce sufficient analyte mass on column to identify odor causing compounds. The LTM GC uses resistive heating rather than a convection oven, allowing for rapid heating and cooling rates. Column modules can be independently programmed to achieve optimal separation and short analysis times on a single GC.