Determination of Aldehydes and Ketones in Oily Matrices using a Novel Dynamic Headspace Sampler Coupled to GC/MS


App Note 3/2008

In this paper we report on the use of a novel dynamic headspace system (DHS) to determine several aldehydes, ketones and other fatty acid degradation markers in oily samples. Samples were kept in standard 20 mL screw cap vials. During dynamic headspace sampling inert gas (nitrogen) was purged through the headspace of the vial. Analytes were purged from vial and concentrated on adsorbent packed tubes placed in the gas exit. Adsorbent tubes can be filled individually and are exchangeable, making it possible to use a new tube for every sample. After sampling a defined volume, the tubes were transferred to a thermal desorption system where they were desorbed, transferring the analytes to the GC/MS system. The entire process was automated using an industry standard GERSTEL MultiPurpose autosampler (MPS).