Breath Analysis in Patients with Metabolic Disorders: GC/MS Analysis with a Combined Thermal Desorption – Cooled Injection System CIS


App Note 3/1993

The combination of a new thermal desorption module with a cooled injection system (TDS-2,CIS-3, GERSTEL) now provides a powerful thermal desorption system for direct analysis of volatile trace compounds in gaseous, liquid and solid samples. As a cooled injection system is used for the cryofocusing of the desorbed volatiles the GC/MS system still can be used for the regular analysis of liquid samples. Breath samples were collected in a 1 liter tedlar bag and transferred onto a freshly conditioned thermal desorption tube filled with Tenax. Breath analysis were performed from patients with various metabolic disorders, smoking and non smoking healthy volunteers. A MS-library was used to identify 72 components.