Analysis of Plasticizers in Medical Products by GC/MS with a Combined Thermal Desorption/Cooled Injection System, CIS


App Note 6/1996

The combination of a new thermal desorption module with a cooled injection system (TDS-2,CIS-3, GERSTEL) now provides a powerful thermal desorption system for direct analysis of volatile trace compounds in gaseous, liquid and solid samples. As a cooled injection system is used for the cryofocusing of the desorbed volatiles the GC/MS system still can be used for the regular analysis of liquid samples. Plasticizers can usually be analyzed by liquid extraction with alcohol/water, but special care has to be applied not to use contaminated solvents. Direct analysis of plastics by thermal desorption saves time and avoids cross contamination. Many containers for intravenous solutions are made with plasticized polyvinyl chloride, the common form of which is di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate (DEHP). Extraction of DEHP into blood and plasma stored in such plastic containers can occur, and harmful effects of DEHP in the human body consequently have been suggested. We therefore analyzed 30 plastic tubing samples which are used for various invasive techniques in medicine.