Air Sampling of Fragrance Compounds using the Automated GERSTEL Gas Sampling System (GSS)


App Note 5/2014

Air fresheners contained in spray cans are commonly used in households to mask unpleasant odors. Many types of fragrances are commercially available. The fragrance can be a complex mix of many components. The effectiveness of the freshener to mask the off odors over time can be directly related to the concentration of the fragrance components in the air. Therefore, an important aspect in product development is to monitor the airborne concentration of the fragrance components.

This study describes the use of the Field Portable GERSTEL Gas Sampling System (GSS28) for the collection of fragrance compounds in air. The GSS28 is a 28 position sampling system designed to perform active i.e. pumped sampling of air onto sorbent tubes. The sampler can collect multiple samples on a pre-programmed schedule or on demand from the user interface.

Air fresheners were released into the air and dispersed across a room and air samples were collected using the GSS28. The sorbent tubes were subsequently analyzed by thermal desorption GC/MS. Several fragrance components contained in the dispersed products were monitored and quantified over time. The study also included validation of an air sampling method for the compounds.