Advances in the Capillary Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Beverages using PTV Injection Combined with Ancillary Sample Introduction Systems


App Note 3/1998

The sources of compounds that produce desired flavors and undesired off-flavors in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are the raw materials used in their production and the production process itself. There are typically hundreds of compounds present in a beverage, and the concentrations of these compounds varies enormously. This means that analytical techniques not only have to be suited to these concentration levels, but they also must be able to handle the complexity of the matrix.

This note will outline some strategies for beverage analysis resulting from recent technology advances in sample introduction techniques such as large volume injection, thermal desorption, thermal extraction and large volume (dynamic) headspace. These techniques offer significant advantages in establishing improved product authenticity fingerprints and lower detection limits. They are also useful for determining production related problems, such as off-flavors deriving from packaging materials.