GERSTEL Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS

Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS

Gas chromatography experts rely on sharp peaks and baseline resolution to provide accurate answers. To perform chromatographic analysis of real-world samples, analysts often must deal with either complex sample types such as essential oils and petroleum fractions, or complex matrices like biological fluids, foods, sludge, or polymers. Once the sample has been prepared for analysis, separation of all the individual compounds present by means of a single chromatographic separation can be challenging due to the compounds having different ranges of polarity, boiling point, solubility, MW, and concentration. Therefore, in order to achieve the separation needed for these types of samples, it is necessary to go beyond using a single chromatographic dimension and use multidimensional techniques.

Until now, multidimensional GC required the use of a dedicated system with two GCs coupled to each other. GERSTEL now offers a solution that can be used for routine analysis as well as for complex problem solving. The patented GERSTEL Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS is a flexible system based on a single standard GC/MS instrument. It is both a routine analysis system and a complex problem solving system that offers heart-cutting and two-dimensional separation on demand. Because of this dual functionality, when questions arise regarding a section of the standard one-dimensional chromatogram, this section can be transferred to a 2nd dimension, i.e. a GC column with different polarity to further increase separation. Both columns are installed in the same GC and are heated independently using Low Thermal Mass (LTM) technology. The 1D/2D system offers complete flexibility in determining analytes in either the 1st or the 2nd dimension.

The same detector(s) are used for both 1st and 2nd dimensions (MSD, Olfactory Detection Port (ODP), PFPD etc). If lower detection limits are required, the system enables heart-cutting and cold trapping of sections of the 1st dimension chromatogram from multiple injections. Cryofocusing is performed automatically using a GERSTEL Cryo Trap System (CTS). The accumulated sections are then transferred to the 2nd dimension once sufficient mass has been collected to achieve the desired detection limit.
The complete system is efficiently and conveniently controlled by mouse click through the GERSTEL MAESTRO software, integrated with the Agilent ChemStation. 

Advanced Software for Odor Active Compounds

When combined with the advanced  Aroma Office 2D software the GERSTEL Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS system becomes the most powerful system for the determination of odor-active compounds available. The software provides highly accurate searches through the use of retention indices and a database of over 50,000 entries. Retention index based searches can be performed in both the 1st and 2nd dimension or a cross search can be perform using both dimensions. This capability combined with mass spectral data that the system also provides makes the Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS system unsurpassed when it comes to solving complex problems.

Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS