Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

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Olfactory Detection Port - ODP

The GERSTEL Olfactory Detector Port allows the sensing of compounds by the human nose as they elute from the column of a gas chromatograph. The effluent is split as it leaves the column so that it arrives simultaneously at the nose and at another detector such as a mass spectrometer. The ODP has its own heating and humidification system to provide optimum conditions for detecting and identifying compounds of interest in complex mixtures. The ODP can be installed in most gas chromatographs and includes a separate pneumatics module to control make-up gas and humidification flows. The latest generation of microfluidic based splitters (GERSTEL uFlowManger®) is used for flow splitting, ensuring zero dead volume, and leak free operation even if exposed to many temperature cycles. This provides reproducible retention times with no cross contamination.

A voice recognition software package is available that provides a detailed olfactogram that includes odor intensity, retention time and voice comments for compounds as they elute. Data is stored in an associated file and can be presented in a number of different ways (chromatogram/olfactogram overlap, method report with descriptors, etc.) to help with data interpretation and problem solving. The software is also available for complete integration into Agilent ChemStation or MassHunter data systems.

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