Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

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Inlets for Gas Chromatography

The GERSTEL Cooled Injection Inlets (CIS) are the most widely used universal (PTV type) inlets in the world. Designed to obtain the best performance from your capillary column, the CIS has unsurpassed heating and patented cooling options, a septumless sampling head and electronic pressure control. Capillary gas chromatographic analysis is now more versatile, reproducible and has lower detection limits than ever before.

The GERSTEL CIS has two main functions:

  • Universal inlet for all injection techniques: split, splitless, on-column and large-volume injection up to 1000 uL.
  • A cryotrap when used with sample introduction techniques such as thermal desorption, headspace, dynamic headspace, SPME, and stir bar sorptive extraction SBSE (Twister) and Pyrolysis.

There are two different versions of the CIS:

  • CIS 4 for Agilent Technologies GCs
  • CIS 6 for almost all available GCs with the added feature of high temperature (650ÂșC) operation

Main Features and Advantages

  • Universal inlet - Seven modes of injection
  • Closest to ideal sample introduction system available
  • No septum problems due to septumless sampling head (SLH)
  • Septumless sampling head ideal for SPME analysis
  • Electronic pressure control (EPC)
  • Lowers detection limits
  • Eliminates thermal discrimination
  • Reduces decomposition of thermally labile compounds
  • Expands boiling point range and can be used for pyrolysis (CIS 6)
  • Can be converted to on-column inlet
  • Can be upgraded to provide automated liner exchange (ALEX)
  • GERSTEL exclusive patented Peltier or Cryostatic cooling
  • LN2 or CO2 cooling
  • Can be used as an extremely efficient cold trap for Headspace, SPME, Twister and Thermal Desorption Systems


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