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Dynamic Headspace - DHS

The DHS station extracts and concentrates VOCs from liquid or solid samples placed in standard headspace vials. The DHS station provides thermostating at temperatures from 10 to 200 °C as well as agitation and purging of the sample headspace with inert gas. A replaceable adsorbent or sorbent filled tube is used for analyte concentration followed by thermal desorption. Up to 98 samples can be processed automatically. Just one method and one sequence table controls the complete process from DHS through thermal desorption to GC/MS analysis. Visit our application note section on Dynamic Headspace for more information.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Allows packed TDU tubes to be used for dynamic headspace analysis
  • Precise temperature and flow control for excellent reproducibility
  • Easily automated using GERSTEL MPS
  • Extremely low detection limits
  • Water management

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