Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

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Automated Sample Preparation

GERSTEL provides unmatched sample preparation capabilities through the use of various configurations of the MultiPurpose Autosampler (MPS). The GERSTEL PrepStation is a dual rail or dual head single rail configuration of the MPS that is fully programmable to perform automated sample preparation and sample introduction for both LC and GC analysis. One head of the PrepStation is an automated liquid sample handler that performs a wide range of sample preparation functions (dilution, derivatization, standard addition, SPE/DPX clean up and extraction, etc.). The second head enables many automated sample introduction options, depending upon the selected MPS hardware configuration. GERSTEL WorkStation can be any version of the MPS that is used to perform automated sample preparation as a "stand-alone" system. It can range from a single head unit performing simple tasks such as dilution or standard addition to a dual head or dual rail system used to perform more complex sample preparation techniques, such as weighing, filtration, centrifugation, solvent evaporation, etc. The GERSTEL MPS based sample preparation systems offers a unique combination of simplified programming with advanced automation capabilities. This system gives you very high sampling productivity and allows you to easily adapt to new analytical challenges.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Complete software integration
  • Modular design, easy to add capabilities
  • 15 major automation options available
  • Sample prep by mouse-click
  • On-line or off-line sample preparation for GC or LC application


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