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MPS Trade-in / Upgrade Promotion

This is a great time to expand your lab’s analytical capabilities and save up to $5,000 while taking advantage of the new TCJA tax law that allows 100% depreciation of your equipment purchase.
GERSTEL- the world leader in lab automation is offering two exclusive promotions towards the purchase of the versatile MPS robotic.

Promotion 1: Trade-in your old Autosampler for an MPS robotic

    $5000 for any GERSTEL MPS system

    $4000 for an original PAL system

    $3000 for any other type of autosampler system

Promotion 2: Already have a PAL 3? Expand the capabilities of your PAL 3 to a powerful MPS robotic:

If you are the manager of a lab that carries out analytical method development, automated sample preparation will increase output and reduce costly mistakes. For single head CTC PAL 3, the  CTC-MPS upgrade kit includes everything you need to convert to an MPS robotic

Price:  $7,500 (usual package price $12,500) ……….a 40% Savings

Why MPS robotic?
In addition to improving your productivity while reducing labor intensive, error prone manual sample preparation the MPS robotic will drastically increase throughput plus offer a greater range of supported techniques:

  • Advanced software for Liquid/Headspace/SPME techniques
  • Calibration curve preparation, addition of internal standards
  • Dilution and extractioating, cooling and mixing 
  • Reading and processing barcode information 
  • Filtration
  • Weighing
  • Centrifugation and sonication 
  • Evaporative/concentration
  • SPE
  • Simple sample preparation method set up using all the above techniques

Owning an MPS robotic will provide a path to automating additional GERSTEL sample introduction techniques such as thermal desorption, dynamic headspace and pyrolysis.