Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

In pharmaceutical discovery and production, the analytical laboratory plays a key role helping Companies meet the rigors of drug development timelines. Sample throughput and accuracy of data become paramount. GERSTEL helps customers meet these challenges through the MPS line of LC and GC autosamplers and sample preparation systems. GERSTEL offers customer focused solutions including complete GC/MS and LC/MS systems operated under a GLP regiment conforming to 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. GERSTEL offers our own IQ/OQ-PV procedures for these solutions.

  • MultiPurpose Autosampler – Automates simple tasks (dilution, standard addition, derivatization, calibration curve preparation, liquid handling, SPME) to more complex tasks such as multiple step reactions, sample clean up and sample extraction.
  • Thermal Desorption/Extraction – For the direct determination of VOCs and SVOCs from solids, liquids or out-gassing from finished products
  • Dynamic Headspace - "Purge and Trap" style concentration for lowest detection limits
  • Multidimensional GC – Allows detection of single compounds in complex matrices.
  • Extraction – GERSTEL offers a wide range of extraction techniques such as, SPMESPE, dispersive SPE, microwave, and stir bar sorptive extraction (Twister™)
  • Filtration – Syringe and disk type


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