Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

Food, Flavor, Fragrance and Off-Odors

GERSTEL is the world leader in providing systems to determine chemical compounds in food, flavors, fragrance or beverages. Food toxins, environmental pollutants in food, flavor interaction, compound adulteration, odor threshold - over the last 40 years GERSTEL has developed the instrumentation and techniques to provide results that no one else can. Our expertise in sample preparation for GC/MS and LC/MS analysis makes GERSTEL the obvious first stop when looking for simple solutions focused on productivity through automation to the more complex techniques with complete sample preparation, analyte concentration and matrix elimination.

  • MultiPurpose Autosampler – Automates simple tasks (dilution, standard addition, derivatization, calibration curve preparation, liquid handling, SPME) to more complex tasks such as multiple step reactions, sample clean up and sample extraction.
  • Thermal Desorption/Extraction – For the direct determination of VOCs and SVOCs from solids, liquids or out-gassing from packaging materials.
  • Dynamic Headspace - "Purge and Trap" style concentration for lowest detection limits
  • Odor Detection - Detect off-odors or other compounds of interest as they elute from you GC column using the most advanced, easy to use olfactory port available.
  • Pyrolysis – For structure elucidation of polymers and other sample types.
  • Multidimensional GC – Allows detection of single compounds in complex matrices.
  • Extraction – GERSTEL offers a wide range of extraction techniques such as, SPMESPE, dispersive SPE, microwave, and stir bar sorptive extraction (Twister™)
  • Filtration – Syringe and disk type

Visit the Food/Flavor/Beverage section of this web site for a comprehensive listing of application notes in this area.

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