Gerstel: Intelligent Automation for GC/MS and LC.MS

Chemicals and Polymers

The manufacture and use of chemicals and polymers requires a significant amount of analytical testing to determine product composition and properties, to ensure product quality and to troubleshoot problems. GERSTEL provides a wide range of products and integrated solutions that can address your needs for use with GC/MS, LC/MS and laboratory workstation solutions.

  • MultiPurpose Autosampler – Automates simple tasks (dilution, standard addition, derivatization, calibration curve preparation, liquid handling, SPME) to more complex tasks such as multiple step reactions, sample clean up and sample extraction.
  • Thermal Desorption/Extraction – For the direct determination of VOCs and SVOCs from solids, liquids or out-gassing from finished products
  • Dynamic Headspace - "Purge and Trap" style concentration for lowest detection limits
  • Pyrolysis – For structure elucidation of polymers and other sample types.
  • Multidimensional GC – Allows detection of single compounds in complex matrices.
  • Extraction – GERSTEL offers a wide range of extraction techniques such as, SPMESPE, dispersive SPE, microwave, and stir bar sorptive extraction (Twister™)
  • Filtration – Syringe and disk type


Visit the Chemicals & Polymers application note section of our web site for specific examples of how GERSTEL technology can benefit you.


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